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Kenco Incup

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Roast & Ground



Kenco Incup

Kenco2Go 12oz

Roast & Ground


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Roast & Ground

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At Maix Vending Limited we sell Maxpax Drinks, also known as Kenco Incup Drinks, Maxpax was first produced in the early 1970's. It has always had the slogan 'The secret's in the Cup'. We even now, sell more of this product than any other. Our Customers love it because of the excellent quality and great taste. The Cup itself today is almost the same as it was when the original Cup was launched back in the 1970's except for a few minor adjustments so that each Cup can have better printing/branding than was previously possible. This Cup was way ahead about twenty years ahead of the market. The trend started by Maxpax is now being followed by producers and consumers who are now much more conscious of protecting the environment, by having bio-degradable Cups.